REQUEST: We need a video or paper explaining how to optimize Metahumans for 60fps games.

Related Metahumans are very unoptimized. Even RTX 4090 can't handle 60 FPS? Just look at this!
and UE5 feedback: STOP making new features and START working on PERFORMANCE for actual GAMES.

I can make several instances(like 10?) of the Io character from the City Sample project without losing severe performance but the io downloaded from the Metahuman bridge is completely different.

I get like a 20fps smacked out of the scene when just one of her is dropped into the scene. I would like a more in depth documentation on how to optimize the Metahumans for a 60fps game. I found nothing like that. Video’s claiming to do this don’t fix this issue. Just LOD crap that doesn’t fix anything like that first link I posted.