REQUEST: Volumetric Fog Shadows

In Cryengine (just using it as an example) you could apply a setting to global fog parameters to allow for fog to receive shadows real time, which could be used in a number of ways. I personally used it to create dynamic light beams (kind of like light shaft bloom from a directional light actor, only having them be present/visible without having the actual light source within the camera angle, i.e. shining from the sky through tree branches or clouds.) Is this something that is being considered/in development? If not I completely understand, I know a lot of volumetric stuff is still in the works (like Dynamic GI, light propagation volumes, etc.) but if it is in the works I am looking forward to it’s implementation. I’ve tried achieving this affect through a material applied to a sphere and placing it in the world, however it doesn’t ever turn out, and I don’t want to have to manually place, “light shaft meshes,” throughout my worldspace. I’ll attach a few images from my old Cryengine stuff so you can see what I’m talking about.



It’s already on the roadmap trello: Trello

But it’s one of those things that is just a bonus feature so they’ll add it if they’ve got the opportunity.

Awesome! Didn’t realize there was a trello at all! Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: