[REQUEST] The tutorials I am missing.

I know there are some tutorials for this with blueprints.
But the information is short on C++ side of things.

Tutorial on multiplayer fireing system.
Tutorial on adding Skeletal Mesh (weapon) to Player Mesh.
Tutorial on a instant fireing weapon and having server conclude its a ht or not.
Tutorial on delegates.
Tutorial on events.
Tutorials on states.
Tutorial on UE multiplayer game logic (a break down on how to use all the difrent classes).

Basicly more spesific tutorials targeted at one spesific thing.
As documentation is very general and it makes getting into UE 4 harder then it needs to be in my opinion.

Hi WCode,

Thanks for the information. I will ensure that our Documentation team sees this for when considering where we may have some gaps in the documentation and room for improvement.


Thank you so much I know the requests is a bit vague.
Am afraid that’s due to lack of UE knowledge on my part, so its worth to note that I have a way to go also.
So appreciate you taking the time.

Best Regards.

Edit: Ohe i seen it mentioned before but am going to go ahead.
Tutorials on HUD and in-game UI be great. (Atm i have no clue where to start.)

Thanks again.

Alot of the tutorials you requested are implementad in the shooter game already. I know it’s much harder to figure out how to do things if you just have the code and no real tutorial, but if you take your time to dig a little into these projects (espacially Shooter Game and Strategy Game) you will find some useful stuff.

Yes i agree and that is what am doing atm.
But reading code is the 2 steps forward 1 step back method.
And some tutorials covering the stuff is worth 10 Game Examples.

Atleast thats my opinion.

I would better suggest to keep polishing Unreal Engine 4 Documentation, especially Unreal Editor Manual and Programming Guide.

Tutorials and Video tutorials are fun, but for me is waste of time actually…

Not always a good tutorial explaining the general use and with some code snipets can be very helpfull.
When you are lerning a new API imo.

Hi WCode.

Just to give you a heads up we posted our UE4 Roadmap today (Link Here). I know these may not cover exactly what you’re wanting but it can give you an idea of what the goals and plans of Epic Documentation are at the moment.


Thank you i just had a look at it actualy.
And one of them i think is exacely what i whould like to see (with 120+ votes allready :wink:
Gameplay Programming Reference

I just hope this will also be targeted for multiplayer side of things as well.
Since that is what is making my head spin. (Delegates, RPC calls, replication functions, Events ?_? .)

And thanks for taking the time to inform me about this, its greatly aprichiated.