[Request] T3D asset importing

I am currently working on an improved version of my UDK to UE4 T3D tool to help porting games to the new engine.

One area I would like to offer support to is converting T3D Materials so they do not have to be manually re-created again.

In both UDK and UE4, you have the option to right click on a material and export it to a .t3d file. It contains all the info needed to reconstruct the material.
However Importing T3D files in both engines is limited to importing new actors into the scene, and not creating new assets.

Trying to import a T3D material into UE4 does nothing. (A progress bar comes up and goes away), In UDK it says “Import Failed”.

If you were able to import T3D files that created new assets such as materials, not only would it allow me to support the conversion of them. But also would be an easy way to save and share assets in the community.

Hey Matt3D-

Thank you for your suggestion. I have submitted the feature request to our internal database (TTP #344105). Best of luck in your future projects and let us know of other ways we can keep improving the editor.


Hi, there, I’m also interested in importing UDK T3D materials into UE4.
This has been requested while ago and it seems like the functionality isn’t still there.
Could you please update on this? We have bunch of UDK(UE3) materials that we like to port over to UE4.


Hey ChrisK-

This issue is still open in our system. You can find this specific issue and vote on it here: . For the time being, if you are trying to get UDK materials into UE4, I would try copying the UDK nodes into a text file and then copy the text file into the material editor. Something I should point out about this method is that they are working on two different renderers and Shader Models so it might not port perfectly clean, you may have to touch up some materials after copying them.