[Request] [SOLVED] Selecting what the Decal should affect

In UDK we could select what the decal should affect (Static Mesh, Skeletal Mesh etc). I dont see this option in Rocket. Can we expect this soon?

I support this, it’s like what Cryengine has.

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Decal Filter

Ditto. +1

It’s important for many reasons.

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Hi Satheesh,

Thank you for your request. I have added a report to our feedback database for decal rendering options. If there is anything else that you would like to see in Rocket, please let us know.

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Actually i found the solution just now. Since am using only blueprints i was able to do this:

I disabled it and now my character no longer receives Decals. :slight_smile: This works for me because anyway i dont want my character to receive ANY decals. But this is not a complete option because when it comes to Static Meshes we may want some decals. So a option inside Decals would be cool.

Just an FYI I think that because decals use deferred rendering they can not affect skeletal mesh. I remember Wright saying something about this in another thread I was reading yesterday. Maybe this is the reason why they took the options out. But it would be nice to be able to tell decals to affect static mesh A but not static mesh B.

News about this ?
About add filter for mesh type and blueprint class ?


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