[REQUEST] Simple examples for Slate usage

I’m trying to create a plugin for the editor. I have the plugin running, it brings up a dockable panel with an STextBlock and an SBorder in an SVerticalBox. Everything is peachy. However, I’m having a lot of trouble finding resources for exactly how to implement particular Slate elements.

For example, I would like to create a dropdown that changes panel contents based on dropdown selected item; the dropdown’s contents would be a simple list and will never change. I’ve used the Widget Reflector and the UI Extension Points to find code controlling dropdowns in the Detail panel, the Perforce plugin, and the Content Browser’s Filter button - but it’s all really difficult to read. Perhaps I’m just dumb, but I don’t see how the actual content of these dropdowns is created.

Are there any examples of creating a Slate dropdown’s contents from a simple list of FStrings or something?


There are multiple examples of slate widgets inside STestSuite.cpp and SWidgetGaller.cpp files, in Engine\Source\Runtime\AppFramework\Private\Framework\Testing folder. You should find there everything you need to start using Slate.

If you still have questions, please, give more specific info on what you are trying to achieve.


Many thanks szyszek, exactly what I was looking for.

any way to run these widgets to see them in action in the editor?

Has anyone figured out how to visualize these?

SlateViewer application in Engine/Binaries