[REQUEST] Sales Statistics/Numbers? Community numbers?

We’re a small company working on building a business plan to bring some of our tech to the UE4 Marketplace. We’ve scoured Epic press releases, the forums, the UE4 Answer HUB, and even reached out to Epic directly to try to get some idea of the size of the UE4 community, the market performance for an asset (or average asset), sales trends, etc. We’re a really small team with limited resources (including past UE experience) but need to make the business case before committing what resources we have.

Is anyone in the community willing to share their sales numbers/experience? Even ball-park/general information would be helpful at this point, especially as Epic has been so mum on the topic.

NOTE: We have seen the Sales Statistics thread but that quickly devolved into a discussion of what information sellers themselves couldn’t even see in their control panel and piracy issues. The hope is that this remains a numbers thread to shed some light on the size/health of the Marketplace.

From the thread you mentioned:

(Talking about his Edge Grabbing system)

Would love to hear some more numbers :wink:

Please note that Alex talked about sales on his own page, NOT on the marketplace! And many users dont look in the forums searching for stuff, but just browse through the marketplace in the launcher, so these numbers dont reflect real marketplace numbers. I see the same for my own Toolkit, many people dont read the forums and dont know about the issues and updates for the marketplace version of my Toolkit.

Also, the numbers / sales report for November was just sent out a few days ago, and as far as i know the ALCS was released in beginning of November, so now he got his first actual numbers from the marketplace itself.

I would release my own numbers but they dont have any real meaning right now, since i only have them for november (and my Toolkit was released on 26th).


I’ve been trying to get in contact with epic for going on a month now to get my sales for December and get a few questions answered regarding upkeep and piracy but it has proven time and time again to be a fruitless endeavor. =/

Epic does not currently give out sales info until you have been paid your royalties - You will be paid your royalties within 45 days after the end of a month in which you have generated at least $100 in royalties.

So for example if you have sold enough assets to have earned at least $100 in royalties in December you will get paid those royalties by February 15th.

I see. I was under the impression that they gave the sale stats to you once you exceeded $100 and then provided the 45 day window. So you’re saying they do it once the money goes into your account? Good to know then, thanks. Still waiting on a response to the rest of my inquiry though.