[Request] Post process improved fading

It would be great if Blendables supported the Blend Radius setting in post process volumes. Right now if you got a blendable on a volume, and you walk into that volume you experience a sudden transition because the blendable does not allow for a soft transition. Id like it to gently fade in.

I believe DOF also does not fade in either, and there are probably more settings that don’t fade in. I’d like all of the settings to transition softly, based on the Blend Radius value.

Thanks for reporting, there has been a bug - I just fixed it. Make sure you get CL 1886000. You can look at the level named PostProcessVolumeTestMap in QAGame

Hi Sjoerd,

As you see, Martin has fixed the issue. Although you won’t be able to see the fix until a future Rocket update (so don’t worry about the changelist number he mentioned).


Hi Sjoerd,

I believe you are correct that a smooth transition cannot be enabled for Blendables, and I have made a report for the issue.

I have also requested a rendering programmer to take a look at this post and see if they have any more insight to provide.


Most features blend properly with the radius (Expection: non float/color properties e.g. Dirt mask texture, Gaussian/Bokeh, Bokeh texture).

Postprocess Materials (Blendables) work as well but a bit more setup. The base material should hav the default setting of the parameter like there is no change (e.g. in case of a vignette this means no vignette). Then you can make multiple Material instances and it blends between those properly and when existing all volumes it first fased to the base material setting and then switched off completely.

Unless there is a bug then please provide a clear repro.