[Request] Please bring TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) Support to UE4 Editor.

So I have a model that I have been working on a it consists of multiple textures. Thing is the textures are TIFF (or Tagged Image File Format). Not knowing this is (currently) not supported, I tried to import the model (as FBX) and got the model in fine, but the textures did not import at all. Little did I know that TIFF is not supported by the UE4 editor.

Can I ask why this is so? Why is one of the most widely used image file formats not supported by UE4? From what I know a vast amount of texture creators such work specifically with TIFF. What is the current reasoning for EPIC leaving this feature out?

I would like to put in the request for TIFF Importing support for the UE4 Editor. It (in my opinion) would be an ideal addition to UE4. Please add this image/texture file format support to UE4.

Thank you for your time.

1 year later and this still needs an answer because I am having the same issue.

Almost 2 years and STILL nothing. I get the feeling that Epic Games just wants this question to be forgotten and people to not ask why a very common image format is still not included in their game engine. I mean, in their list they have included some really obscure and very uncommon texture formats (i.e. .float, .pcx, .exr). Even more then TIFF. I mean, they even have included .bmp, which is not only extremely outdated, but its also one of the least used images among artist (even beyond Game Art) people because of it’s age and the lack of flexibility when using a .bmp file.

I posted about this (still ongoing) issue over on the forums in a thread that another user started with pretty much the same question. Find it here:

It’s pretty disappointing when a game engine company includes Asset formats of uncommon file types, but can’t even include ones that are used on a daily basis. And when someone asks about it, they just try to sweep it under the rug, let it get buried by other threads, or just give a very generic response in hopes that it will get people to shut up.

Then again, what can you expect from a free Game Engine that’s documentation is never properly up-to-date?

TIFF still not working? It’s huge time loss in a customer project to spend time converting tiffs to tgas.