[Request] Playing Matinee in Native C++

Could the devs make it possible for coders to play matinee animations from within custom C++ code, instead of having the feature be exclusive to blueprints?

In the editor, I could create the matinee data for an existing actor in a map, and in that actor’s properties, have an option to store a separate local copy of the actor along with its matinee data in the content browser for reference in code.

Then implement C++ accessor and mutator functions for playing and handling the matinee data.

Like this.

//... Regular C++ hocus pocus here.
// Matinee header functions here.
void SetMatineeData(FName& UniqueMatineeHandler, FMatineeData& MatineeActor, FInterpData& InterpData);

void PlayMatinee(FName& UniqueMatineeHandler, float PlayRate);
void ReverseMatinee(FName& UniqueMatineeHandler);
// etc...

FMatineeData GetMatineeData(FName& UniqueMatineeHandler);
FInterpData GetInterpData(FName& UniqueInterpDataHandler);
// ...

Hey Markus,

I’ve submitted this idea to the team to consider. I believe you should be able to do this already in a sense. You should be able to make a custom class with the functionality and all that you are looking for when playing the matinee and then inherit it into a blueprint and in that play the matinee.

Best Regards,
Ryan Van Enkevort