[Request] PhysX Particles

Can we expect PhysX Particles to be included in a future (not distant) Rocket release. :smiley:

Hey Satheesh,

This request has been put in and there is currently an ongoing discussion about it.

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There are aleady GPU particles, so I doubt that PhysyX particles will be ever added. I guess if there is any functionality that PhysX particles have and GPU particles doesnโ€™t, you should just request specific functionality.

By Physx Particles i was specifically requesting for this feature. Physx Mesh Data and the physical parameters of PhysX Particle System.

I think you should just create separate post, that will point out which featres do you need, because just posting link and leaving everyone to guess what do you want is not very helpfull (;.

I can agree that it would be cool if GPU particles could actually use meshes.

Any update on this ?