[Request] Particle emitters instancing


In forums I find this thread - Copy particle emitters into other ParticleSystems - Epic Games Forums

And, suddenly, I think - we already have material functions, and, I hope, in future we will have material function instancing.

So, what about particles?

It would be nice to reuse some emitters in other particle systems, and I think it can be useful for creating particle systems on fly.

For example, in some fantasy game, where many of magic effects used, we can specify potentially needed emitters, and on/off it by player abilities.

What do you think about that?

Thank you for the suggestion, this feature could be very useful and I have made a report for it.

It may help you to know that there is a way to set emitter modules as parameters, so that copies of the particle system can be modified as needed.

Here is the documentation for that:

Hello, Stephen!

I read this doc earlier, and tried it, but looks like it works for whole system.

I mean, for example, simple system with 1 emitter for smoke, and another system with 1 emitter for fire, which can be added to another one system.

Thank you!

Yes, the documentation is for a whole particle system, and I understand that is not what you were asking for.

The Feature Request that I submitted is for individual emitters, and I agree it would be very useful.

Thanks again

Thank you again Stephen! :slight_smile: