[Request] Medieval themed clothing

Hi all,

Looking through the market place I can see a good selection of Medieval weapons, but not really much clothing.

Is anyone working on this? If not, it will be good to see some examples.- I am working on a project that would mean I am in a position to purchase possible clothing packs.

Great to see:

  • Mailed/Leather armour
  • Court Clothing (i.e. Fashionable medieval cloths and silks.)
  • Cloaks


this isn’t at all trivial. try to answer these questions and you’ll understand why

  • do you have human meshes, or humanoid creatures?
  • do you only have males, or also females?
  • is your human using perfect realistic proportions, or is it exaggerated/hero/stylized/anime/chibi ?
  • is your human skinny, fat, strong, body-builder-like strong?
  • is your human using the proportions of a 1.8m tall person, those of a 1.5m person? 2m person?
  • is your model around 5k polygons, 10k polygons, 20k polygons, 50k polygons?

now whoever answers these questions will have a much different set of answers than you. and so you see it’s impossible to make just ‘some clothes’ that can fit into any model of any kind, for every user who might want to buy such a thing

I’m planning this week to start working on armors, since I basically got the cloth simulation done with Apex clothing working properly, even with morph targets.

The questions posted by Chosker are valid and I can say that an adaptable system is not that easy to built, especially considering how different the body shape can be…
A custom system based on a base mesh with various morph targets could work easily ( its exactly what I’m doing right now ), but releasing just the clothes as a standalone could backfire easily because of the many problems a user can have while trying to adapt it into his character…too many variables.

@Chosker, Thanks for that. I wanted to know if someone has posted examples previously, as I could not find any ‘examples’. If not, I would request it and speak to the designer about various measurements etc.

@Nicolas3D, Great to hear. Understand that totally, my NPCs/Characters in the project will be of different height and build.

Nicholas will you also be working on capes?

Yep, I was looking at some games where they use them and they look really cool, so I’ll probably do some prorotypes with Apex Cloth and morph targets to see the behaviour, since I need to check how they behave with different animations :wink:

I am not working. Good luck for your project.