REQUEST: Maya-like snapping features

Awhile ago I was making modular pieces for a project of mine and it was very difficult to move architectural pieces around and align them together so that they will fit precisely. So I was testing what I could build in Maya and then tried to replicate the result in UE. It wasn’t the same. Of course there are techniques like, making all the pieces with the power of two size and align with the grid and snap to it. There are known problems with that. No need to discuss them here and I wasn’t making Lego buildings.

Sometimes you want to align the object with a vertex or along the edge and this features in Maya are legendary. You just hit V-key to snap to a vertex, oh how wonderful it is! If you want to put a column along the corner of a building you just hit C-key and snap it to the edge. The result is magical and how fast your workflow is! But then you go to UE and everything feels so crude like you’re moving objects by poking it with a stick. I’m exaggerating a bit of course, sorry for that, but having replicated some features from Maya the working process in UE has already improved drastically. Why not make a few steps further? I don’t have much knowledge about programming but I don’t think it’s a very difficult thing to do. And Max-users will be happy to see this features in UE too. I’m sure of it. Thank you!

My Gift to Epic

I already did all of the C++ Coding and fully implemented vertex snapping for Epic!

I even support BSP vertex snapping!

I am waiting for Epic to get back to me about the further integration of my snapping feature with the engine.

Here are many videos demoing my vertex snapping feature, fully integrated with the editor!

Many videos

Intro Video


I already gave Epic all the code for your request, they just need to get back to me about integrating it


Area Vertex Display

When vertex counts are high I switch to displaying vertices in an area around the cursor!


Vertices Resize, Even For Asymmetric Scaling

My vertex display system accounts for very small meshes as well as asymmetrically scaled meshes!

Supports BSP

I even support BSP!

And yes all of this is free to Epic, my gift to Epic!

Are you talking about Udk? Unreal 4 use centimetres and the grid is snaping in centimetres, soo you can make wall or floors of 1 meters, 2 meters, etc.

erWilly, i’m not talking about UDK or UE4. That’s just the concept in general: you make LEGO-like pieces and fit them together using a grid.
Rama, that’s looking impressive, though I’m not sure that is what I meant in my request.

yes, of course make arquitecture maps are not the same that modular pieces for game levels and more snap options is always good(i am maya fan and love press X and V to snap too), I only point that power of two pieces is on udk.

btw: All Rama post are snaping tools.

Rama, amazing work there!!! Hopefully Epic gonna like it, and implement it :slight_smile:

At this rate, Epic need to pay you Rama, if they have not already.

Once again, thanks a lot Rama.

You can snap vertices by holding “v” in Unreal however, it will only snap to the vertex you have pivoted on the mesh(0,0,0 Position). On BSP it’s possible to change the pivot by middle-clicking any vertex, just like it was in UDK.

Rama, your system looks like an advanced snapping feature. However, there already is snapping in Unreal 4. What it needs is an option to change the vertex I want to use as pivot of the static mesh. If your system can do that Rama, I think EPIC seriously needs to use it. It sucks not being able to properly change the pivot.