[Request] for open world demo textures

I have seen a lot of people who are having the same problem as me. The textures in the open world demo are mostly 8k and people are facing problems while using them. Most people cant even export them. They need memory for it. Me , having quite low ram, can’t even export them to lower the resolution. Exporting them causes my computer to load the textures. When doing so my computer runs out of ram. So this request is most applicable to anyone who has already exported them for their own use.
I would like to request if any of such people can upload these textures. Only the basecolours are needed as normals can be created using photoshop. Google drive or onedrive would be ideal for the upload. As far as I think, only the textures found under Groundtiles, Cliffs, Trees and Rocks are 8k. If anyone would be so considerate to upload them, me and many like me will be grateful. Once I can download them, I will upload them to my own onedrive using your name and you can remove it from yours if it consumes space. Also I will ask anyone who downloads it from my onedrive to give you a credit in their games if they use it (if you want the credit). If you want to keep it in your gdrive that would be better.
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I will try to daily update the count of your support.