Request: Flow Maps how-to, discussion, references

Hey all. I have been researching flow maps and haven’t found too many definitive things. It’s a bit frustrating, and wanted to start a thread with references and suggestions.

AFAIK, there are two ways of generating flow maps (pls correct me if i’m wrong):

  1. Paint them manually in Photoshop / Substance Painter / or the handy tool Flowmap Painter
  2. Use Maya or Houdini to generate simulated flowmaps

From what I understand, hand painting them can be difficult to achieve realistic results. So Maya / Houdini would be preferable. Yet I see nooooooo tutorials on how to generate them. Why? Can anyone here with expertise in Maya explain the process or point me to some resources?


EDIT: Found also a tutorial via UE blog on how to create flow maps in PS link here

To be fair, you can assemble your own blueprint inside UE4 to paint flowmaps. In fact, it is quite likely that something like that is already in existence.

@Deathrey Yea I’ve seen videos of some people who had established this workflow. Would love an established BP in marketplace for sure! Or a tutorial on how to create one.

Check THIS topic and download the GDC-shaderbits pack/plugin from RyanB. Extract/Install it into a projects plugin directory and open the flowmap painter example.
Hope it will help you!

@Chesire Thanks for linking me to that. I’ve checked it out and it’s a cool showoff of shaders for sure. But it’s not giving me the workflow i’m looking for.