[Request] Better editor menus & panels for vars

For marketplace content or plugins content is needed sometimes things like enable and disable a button or show and hide or add place images of reference:

  • Add options to hide/show the vars/panels/options.
  • Add options to enable/disable the vars/panels/options.
  • Add images support in the name of the var or to show with a listbox/combobox in reference to the given name.
  • This should work with the Blutility & Blueprints & C++ in the details panel and other panels.
  • And the sliders where you can set a bigger var than the limit should be marked with something.

For example you cannot disable a var like in this case in a custom made Blueprint vars [!]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28070491/UE/Forums/2015-10-20_16-24-17.png

Post in the forum: Better editor menus & panels for vars (Hide/Show/Enable/Disable) (Blueprints & Blutility) - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

Whats “vars/panels/options”? You mean properties? There lot of things that engine can let you do it you just need to dig in engine code to learn how to do it, so example you can hide (staticlly buit still) hide whole categories of properties with “HideCategories” specifier in UCLASS

Also post feature requests in Feedback forum, this is best place to post those

Yeah i go to make the ref to the both request me bad.

The vars you create in the Blueprints and do public and visible to edit in the Details panel sometimes you need to hide some vars.

For example you got a bool var to add a cube [X] Add Cube, if that var is true then show a secondary options or enable the secondary options to apply material to the cube etc, you know wht i try to say ?