[REQUEST] Add a Favorites or WishList to the Marketplace

I was looking through various assets in the Marketplace just now and realized that I would probably like to purchase a few of them, but not necessarily right now.
I think it would be great to have a favorites tag on each asset that allows you to add it to your favorites section and even add a note to it.
This way, as the marketplace grows, you will not lose sight of which assets you were interested in and what your plan was for them at the time, should you not choose to purchase them right away.
This could also be a way for the asset publisher to see how many people have added their asset to the favorites section and maybe place it on sale… I hope others feels that this is a good idea and maybe it can get implemented!

This probably belongs in the Feedback for Epic section.

This would be useful indeed for both sellers and buyers. Epic is expected to implement the dashboard soon, which will allow us to track sales in real time, but a wishlist sort of feature would allow us to see how many people are interested outside of the purchases and may be holding back due to funding, or waiting for a sale.

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Oooo … fair enough. 8-}

This would be very useful indeed.

Sounds like a very useful feature, I second this.

Plus One !

I went ahead and renamed the thread with a more descriptive title to make it a bit more clear. :slight_smile:

Where this thread belongs is 50/50 for each section, but I will leave it here since it is marketplace specific. Thanks!

This will be a very much needed feature once the market place as a very substantial amount of products listed.

Yes, I was wanting to change it after I read it a time or two… thanks :smiley:

They also have to FORCE artists to show off the wireframes of their models as well. The main reason I don’t buy any models is when people do not show images of wireframes for me to check.

Epic chooses the pictures they want shown on the marketplace. We do also have to list the triangle counts.

No actually the content provider does, we send Epic the photos we want as well as the different sized thumbnails.

I can assure you that they chose the photos. I sent in six, and only 4 are displayed. They also took a screenshot of their own and used it.

I was told to send 5 images, one of which was a photo of all the meshes included in my pack and all 5 of them live on the marketplace are the ones I chose. The only thing I can think of in your case is the excess shot and perhaps a lack of an assets screen if applicable.

I’m not upset or anything. Just stating the situation. I have a feeling with the new marketplace overhaul they will be reducing photos down to only 4.

4 Photos???

Particularly for environments, Epic should opt for Video clips with demo scenes included. This is standard practice on Asset Store…

I wasn’t suggesting you were. =) Just explaining my experience which was recent. I even intend to update the photos that are up there in the near future and didn’t meet any opposition when I brought up the idea with the marketplace curator Jon Jones. What was your asset if I may ask? It may have been that it didn’t necessarily need 5 photos?

I would love to see this added.
Nice suggestion.

+1, also allowing other people to gift stuff to you would be :cool: