Short story:
//DefaultPawnClass/APawn ; I can get the client to replicate to the server and other clients. And I can also get the server to replicate to all clients. But not both at the same time. So, if I manage to replicate my clients, the server does nothing, and vice versa.


The server works fine. It moves around, does the rotation bits, and the clients see it fine. Problem: The clients do nothing at all.


Now, the client does everything that it should, and everyone can see it. But now, the server won’t budge!

Added Info

The variables(ActorLoaction, BodyYaw, EyePitch, Self, Body and EyeRoot) are not replicated, though setting them to replicate did not change anything. Within the SetPawnTransforms Macro are simply a SetActorLocation and SetRotation nodes. Also, bDedicatedServer is false. If I run with a dedicated server, with case 2, everything works great since every player is a client. Unfortunately we will not have a dedicated server.


Thank to anyone that can bring insight here, I am new to network/replication and not entirely sure how to go about this. I will have much more to replicate within this project so getting this to work is fundamental.
Any added information needed can be promptly given.

Have a Great Day!

Found this to work, will move this to answer if nothing else comes up.
Using RepNotify. Setting the variables normally on server but calling a on server event from the client to set the variables. Then run the according nodes inside the rep notification function. Works on both clients and servers. I don’t raelly understand it though, but eh!