Replication- what am i doing wrong?

My playercharachter spawns a “car’(lack of a better term) that dictates it’s movement, being a physics object.
Then it continously sets its rotation and location to one of a 'socket”(box), in the car actor.
All components and actors are replicated, and here are my blueprints.
Server does not see the client and the client …the client is under the map and sees the 2 cars moving erattically above.
I really do not get what i am doing wrong.

Make sure all the variables can beable to see the server. You have to check every variable.

Set all the variables to replicated, still does not work properly.

maybe you need plug in rot/loc to RPC event… also check your map at coordinates [0,0,0], if there is something (e.g. car?), then location is not passed correctly to replication.
if you dont solve this then try to pack project and send me it if you want(copy, without huge content)

I did plug in the replicated from clients events to rot/loc, but it still does not work. Now preparing to send it .

Done. How should i send it to you? Cannot send it here, i keep getting “database error” when i try to upload. Nvm, have a git repository link for it i made for little to no reason.(At least now i can send it to you though)

Sorry i wasnt able to test it because of heavy physics problem and falling pawns under ground … something was probably broken in project. you can try something like this:

Wierd…i redownloaded the project from the link and the physics worked fine. Thank you though for the image, i think i can finally make this work.

It did not work at first, but it worked when i put 3 playerstarts for 2 players. Now the charachters work, but i have 4 cars and two players -
Edit: “work” is an overstatement. Ill try to fix it by myself, seems im going the right way.Probably the “'heavy physics problem” you were talking about appeared…