[Replication] Server not replicating actor to clients

Hi every1, im having a problem with actor replication here.
I have an actor (a AI) that will use a “spell” and that spell will create an new actor (a buff).
The AI is spawned on World map so it is rulled by the server.
When i try to create the new actor (on spell BP) this new actor does not get replciated to clients.

Here the server creates the Actor (buff):


Here the buff actor will be added to an (RepNotify) array of “player Buffs”

Here is the RepNotify func associated with the buff array!

And here is the result

As you can see on the images, the Client detects that there is 1 element on the array but it is invalid… why?
All actors are replicated here.
Shouldnt the replicated actors created on server be replicated to all clients?
Thank you.