Replication Questions

Hello. I have questions about replication, I know how to get it working but I had some questions for behind the scenes how it works; when a variable is set to replicate how much bandwith/traffic does it use, is it relative to the size of the variable, does it keep sending the variable if it hasn’t changed or does it only send it when it changes?

Is this common knowledge and I"m just stupid or does no one know for sure besides the devs?

You can profile network trafic.

Afaik a replicated variable is always costing some trafic even when it does not change.

When changing a variable inside a replicated structure, only that variable gets sent though (saving you the cost of all other variables in this structure).

You usually want to have replicated/repnotified variables for persistent object state change and multicast a change in a non replicated variable in case it’s just a temporary / one shot thing.

Oh I thought so then, thank you so much.