Replication proplem

I noticed that at a ping of about 70 all the actors are replicated with a large delay, I also have actors important for the game, but they are also replicated for about a second. I’ve tried increasing the priority of the actors, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. All my actors have default network settings. I heard about Force Net Update, but I also did not notice any changes, maybe I did not use it that way.

For clarification, the actor spawns on the server from the event on the client, and then is displayed on the clients, and this takes about a second. I don’t think these are good results even for 70 ping.

I would like to get the speed of replication on a par with the character input. Is there any way to increase the replication speed on clients?

any tips?

What’s the netupdatefrequency of your actors? UE4 defaults (for some reason) to 100, meaning that all your actors are trying to update 100 times per second. A value of more like 2 is good for testing.

Using stat net I didn’t see any changes, 100 or 2 times per second. Actors do not have any network logic, replication is used only so that all actors are spawned on clients.

Once the actors are spawned on all clients, do they need to stay replicated? You can disable replication with a blueprint node, this might alleviate some of that network overhead. You can also use relevance and net culling distance to save even more overhead by not sending object data to clients who cant see or are far away from the objects.

After respawning on the client, replication does not need to be maintained, but for newly connected clients, replication must remain so that they also have these actors.

about the relevance, I’m not using it because it completely hides the actor, and not only limits the network, which is annoying, of course you can make your own such a system, but it doesn’t make sense, because I have a small map and do not have network logic inside these actors.

I just checked the replication speed of the actor, on a completely empty map, with two characters (server and client) and I have all the same latency on the client, in statnet the outrate is ~4500 B/s, I’m confused seems this is the minimum delay that can be reached in ue.