Replication problem

Hi all…
I created this BP for a catwalk that should be passable from under, but now from above. So i created an invisible box above that when he is touched, this catwalk become solid:

Here my BP. Now my question. Why online the variable inv, not replicated, become true on server AND on the client? It should be not stay on the server or client?

up. Please i really need

I need that events are executed in both but the variable inside that BP have to stay on that Pc(client has his variable, server his.)

Please can someone help me? I need that: The platform have no collision. When i touch his hitbox that platform have to become solid. It works in single player but online both client and server can use it as as solid even if they never touched that platform… Why?

Please can someone help me?

Try to make an event fired by begin overlap. The Event must execute on owning client only (you can select it in replication property of the event).
It s a RPC (remote procedure call), I begin in networking but I think it s the way. Not sure if you don’t have to RPC first to your controller.
From phone… Will see more tomorrow on computer to be more precise.

Can you tell me better about this? I m a noob on replication etc.

I have see your other post… so the best to begin is to read the “unreal network compendium”. Type it in google for the pdf. It will explain basic stuff of networking in UE4. After reading, it will be clearer.

Thanks. I will take a look