Replication of input action event

Based on this input action for stand, crouch and prone, how would i go about replicating this action?

You need to set up your character’s animation blendspace, blueprint and montage. For example, the default state of your character should be standing, then in the animation blueprint, you need to enter your stand/walk/run blendspace. And if you end up need to crouch, since you have this boolean, you can check if this boolean is set in your aniamtion blueprint, if so, then transition to the crouching state. I recommand watching some very basic tutorial video and see how they make the character move first.

Thats just blendspace, thats not how to replicate. My animgraph is setup already. I need to know how to create replication.

Hi, basically “RunOnServer” RPC to send the player input to the server, then use replication so the clients know what the server is doing.

If you’ve never used the replication system, then it might be better to watch some tutorials first. This here is a basic tutorial UE4 Tutorial: Multiplayer Replication (Part 1) - YouTube

And for examples, you can take a look at the replication examples of the content examples project Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation Doc for the replication examples: Networking Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you through some digging was able to get it working