Replication of collision change problem

Hello, I’m rehashing this topic.

Trying to set collision based on team so only specific teams can cross a boundary. I’d like to have this adjusted at runtime by changes on the player pawn, since the same pawn is used for both teams but is updated at possession of player.

Ie: pawn is neutral when server spawns it, player possesses it, it gets the team from player state and updates the collision in the pawn for that team.

My problem is the collision works but on a dedicated server a player can clip it, seems like a replication problem where wither client side the collision is happening and not server or other way around. And the jagged movements when entering the collision is caused by it resynching player position.

What I do

Barrier actor has a enum exposed at spawn for its team. This is placed in level and changed to a or b… Let’s use a for example.

Construstruvtin changes channel based on the enum to say what team channel to block.

Pawns… An actor, with collision defaulted to overlap all when posses based on the enum it changes its team to block or overlap. This happens on the possess node. Which I’m assuming in the pawn blue print is running as server since posses is a server command.

Wish I had some blue prints to show but I’m at work. Does a run on client need to be called here to update client side of the collision on itself?

Yeah you will probably need a multicast or run on client.

I’ve done some local testing and put the event to change my collision response to channel in a rep notify when team changes. The blocking meshes have a specific channel per team.

Locally it’s working and made sure to see the even prints both on server and client. Before only server was printing.

Rebuilding now client and dedicated server to test later, my host is down for Maint so won’t be able to know for sure till later. :frowning: