Hi all,

I don’t have the engine but will be subscribing soon, and I am wondering what kind of capabilities Blueprint has concerning replication and client/server networking management, or if that is possible at all without C++ programming.

I wasn’t able to find anything in the documentation concerning networking at this time, but I may have missed it.


Networking/replication support is available in blueprints. You can create replicated variables, function calls, etc. I’m not sure we have the documentation/tutorial up for that quite yet, but I know it’s in the works! If you run into any problems or have a specific question, let us know :).

Hey Zurael,

We just finished building a demo for the Oculus guys (called couch knights) totally in blueprints!

If you haven’t seen or read about it, it’s a small multiplayer VR game.

The short answer to your question is “yes, replication can be handled in blueprints for the most part”.

I know that some folks have written up documentation, but I’m unsure where that’s available at the moment.

Hopefully we can get you hook up with that info soon!


Edit: billy beat me to the punch!

Epic games, with the might of blueprint you have given me a great power, a storm brews in the West, in the land of Nova Scotia…
I was once a master of kismet and soon, I will return as a master of blueprint…

Thanks so much for the awesome launch guys! Sorry I just watched like 6 hours of Lord of the Rings on DVD got a bit weird for a minute…

Will definitely be checking the wiki and documentation periodically for any new articles!

Sounds great! I am not much of a programmer myself and know a bit about kismet so this is great news for me!

Looking forward to more documentation on this becoming available. Would be great to see how far blueprints can go!

This is exactly what I wanted to know. As someone who dabbled with networking and PlayMaker- getting something similar working in UE4 sounds pretty fantastic! :cool: