Replication is not working for equip weapon from inventory

i need a tutorial for replication equip weapon from inventory 1,2,3,4th pics are in my character bp 5th pic is in my widgetbp

alt text

weapon is showing in client 1 but not in client 2 i need help

wish i could help but if you check your screenshots, you cant read anything.

also, from the little i can read, i can say you are understanding replication wrong.

  • Multicast only works if called from the server .
  • at some point you are using “switch has authority” but both ends arrive to the same node, so it makes no sense using it.
  • your logic to equip weapons is not the best in my opinion. you are equipping all the weapons and telling your pawn to hide and compare each of them. what if you have 20 weapons? you are not gonna do a 20 times check, also, im sure it wouldnt be good on perfomance.

what i do is:

  • Add a grippoint to my skeleton and on the construct of my character i attach the child actor (acts as a class slot) to the grippoint.
  • Have a struct Inventory (shown on the picture) which has the information about the item, hotkey, etc etc
  • whenever i need to equip the weapon, i just change it of class. the only thing i send to the server as replication is the pawn (so the other clients know what pawn is being updated), the new class to change the child actor, and the playerId, so it doesnt tells the initiator to re-do the change of class (for network optimization)

i just used this tutorial How to create Inventory | Shooter Tutorial can i use that inventory and add weapon by this method

i need help pls some one help using the invnetory from it How to create Inventory | Shooter Tutorial and make that inventory to work with equip weapon in multiplayer

have you tried my blueprint?

i dont know how to make you bps work with my inventory can you see the link i given and tell me how to get your bp work with that inventory

cant understand your bp, its too messy. have you tried my BP? its explained from scratch.

How to create Inventory | Shooter Tutorial see that tutorial and tell me how to make it work with multiplayer