Replication help

I have a weapon systems that allows you to drop and pick up weapons on the map, and I’m trying to get players to start with a default weapon
this is how I handle that

since when you drop the gun I have it use physics so I have to disable physics then attach it to the hand

this works fine on the server, but on the clients end everyone (including the client’s self and server) is not holding there gun in seems to just fall on the ground

It Looks like that you are using the physics only on Server side. You have to call it from the Server and then on each Client to see whats happen. You can use custom Events with: Run on Server ->Multicast or Run on Server->Run on Client. You can choose in every Custom Event if it should be replicated (+ Reliable). Hope this helps.

Your actors that get dropped should be replicated as well.

I just tried this and nothing really changed, let me know if I’m doing something wrong

also I cleaned it up a bit (I forgot to do that the first time, sorry)

Nvm I fixed it, the object that was spawned didn’t replicated movement, it works now