Replication Help

Hey guys,
So i wanted to build an fps for fun and as i was done with the empty hand animation i wanted to see how it works in mp (even tho i havnt replicated anything yet)
Got some weird results and also couldnt fix them relating to animation.
Summary at first:
Every player can see themselves fine.
Server can see all players fine
Clients cant see anybody fine, not even the server.

example picture:

Left Server ; Right Client

Red is the direction of the capsule (Skeleton Mesh)
Blue is the control rotation (the arrow itself is not replicated, its just hooked up to tick-> get control rot-> set world rot, which makes me think why the hell can the server see this then, and how the hell is it that the server isnt showing his “control rotation”)

To me it seems like a 1way mirror, where the server gets all the information (even tho he shouldnt) and doesnt give it out to anyone.
Also the walk animations etc is based on calculation how the character moves and where he is facing, the server can see that one fine again.
But everyone else sees it like…lagging…

Ive managed to implement sprinting with not problem but this stuff is a bit confusing to be honest.
If anybody could help me out here i would really appreciate it.
Thank you in advance