Replication functioning differently on a specific level?

Hello! I have a very odd issue at the moment. I’m working on adding different levels to an arena shooter I’m making, and I have one map that character visibility replication seems to be broken.

On the two other levels, client visibility replicates correctly, making the character model visible when in the arena:

However, on the third map, replication begins to get weird. Characters are not visible until the last client spawns, and even then, their armor model doesn’t replicate. The odd behavior can be summed up with this screenshot:

Every setting between each of the levels is identical, with the same gamemode, default pawn, controller, etc. The only notable difference is the size of the map, but given the low-detail nature of the game, I don’t see why this would be a problem. Does anyone have any pointers as to why this might be happening? Thank you in advance!