Replication from client to server?

I installed first person template and switched in the settings 2 users. When I push the movement button, then input event fires on the client. But the character moves on this client, on the server and on other clients. How is this possible? If event triggered on the client, then actor must move on this same client, not on the server(as i know, input event is not an RPC call). So i guess character replicates to server. But replication from the client to the server is impossible! Then how do the input events works? Why does the character moves on all clients?

Magic eh…? :stuck_out_tongue:

The First-Person / Third-Person templates utilize the CMC, which offers ‘Built-In’ Movement-Replication.
That’s it though. Everything else: custom anim work, fx, custom movement, weapons…That’s all up to you…