Replication doesn't work in big levels

Hello, I have a problem with replication of some variables from actors in big worlds. I am created debug actor. It’s replicated, and I created replicated float variable for debug. If I place this actor in small world, which will load instantly on server and client, the replication works good. I am calling printing of “tick” variable and it similar on server and client. But if I will place this actor on big level, which takes some time for client to being loaded, variables from test actor stops replicating. If I print variable from server it returns “tick” = const, but on client it returns 0. What I don’t know about replication?

In the larger map, are you close enough to the replicated actor?

Actors have a replication property “Net Cull Distance Squared”, and if the client’s controlled object is too far away it will not receive replicated information.