Replication Bag?

I notest strange thing about static mesh replication. If we create BP, add Scene Component, add Static Mesh Component and made Scene like Root, after that turn on Replication and Simulate Physics component and try make a physics interactions (like Add Impulse). I see thing like on screenshoot

. It happends when i run impulse through Custom Event. Blueprint on Screenshoot.

And if i delete scene component from BP everything happend as I expected. Impulse happend at bouth side.

So, what is hell is it?

Hi Pr0t0Ss12,

Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce this in 4.7.6 and our internal builds, so I’ve entered a bug report for the issue (UE-15859). I believe the issue is related to a problem with components not being set to replicate, however this seems somewhat different. For now, you’ll need to make sure your Root is the component receiving the Impulse. I’ll let you know when I see any update on the bug report.

Thanks for this. But I solve my problem by delete root component and scale my object through construction script. But i will try out the way which you told me.

Seems like it is the same problem. Pr0t0Ss12 can you check if the cube move more when you place cube and apply impulse far from 0,0,0 coordinates?