Replicating Widget Variables

I’m re-working the design of my lobby, with the idea being that each player is lined up next to eachother. Now I’ve got all this working fairly nicely, some tweaks to be made as it selects a random PlayerStart rather than doing it in order. My biggest issue however is getting my widgets to properly display names and their Steam avatar.

This is my current setup;

I’m fairly acquainted with how networking works in UE4, I’ve set up so my bombs and level destruction is all synchronized before - so that kind of stuff I’m familiar with. But every single time I’ve tried and replicate widgets, they always fail to work on clients and only ever work on the listen server.

When joining the lobby it seems to work most of the time(sometimes not, I assume I need a longer delay or something). But once I execute ServerTravel to move onto playing, the data is lost for the client. Only the server keeps the information. What would be the best approach to doing this as I am evidently doing something horribly wrong?


The reason for this is because each Player has his own widget, and they aren’t replicated. This means, that a server will never know about a client’s widget and vice versa. The indication of this is that little icon on the Create Widget node (and check the ‘Posses’ node icon, it will only be Server). You will need to pass the information you want through a replicated class (I usually use Player State).

I hope this helps!