Replicating, PlayerController and Spawning

Hello. I’m trying to figure out how to use Unreal Network. I’ve got a basic 8-directional sprite moving and it replicates over a network.

But I have several issues that I don’t understand how to fix:

  1. How would I spawn a new character onto the scene based on the number of connected clients? I can only seem to get a character that the server controls.

  2. How would I replicate an animation? I can replicate the player moving but no matter what I do, the animation doesn’t update.

and 3) How would I program a playercontroller to read client input and send it to a controlled pawn? I know it has something to do with spawning a character and then possessing it. Would it be more efficient to have the control on the object or the player itself?

Additionally, is there a function that I can use that initializes everything on start?