Replicating player movement to client

Check this question, maybe it can help you.

Hey I’m having trouble getting my pawn class movement to be replicated on the server. At the moment the server-player can move as expected but the client-player wont move forward at all. It’s yaw will change but snaps back to position when the button is released. Below are screenshots of my simple movement script.

This is my first real unreal 4 project and I would be grateful for any help. I’d be even more grateful for really simple help.

Extra: I think the problem is that the server is not allowing the client to move on its own. I think it needs to go through the server but I’m unaware of how to do this. I know the theory but not how to put it into practice. Thank you for your time.

I have. Its c++ based but I understood the theory behind it. Client request → server moves pawn → server replicates to client. I’m having trouble translating this to work in blueprint however.
Thanks none the less.

I managed to fix this problem by removing the event tick event. Event tick was linked into a series of ray casts that added up force for hovering.