Replicating Physics Door with Impuse

I need help replicating the functionality of dynamically opening doors using axis input to drive a physics impulse from client players. Works great for single player and “Host” player. Works by sending the axis input value from character to “door” BP and drives impulse based on that variable. I suspect the cause of the lack of replication is either that you cant send variable info from client to server or some sort of authority related issue. Any help with a work around would be a life saver. Thank you.

Do you mean that the singleplayer and Server can see this, but your Client not?

This should work. I did this too for a coop Player. Ok not the same. In my case, the Player can open the door. The door itself is connected with a constraint to have physics.

I think you have to send your data for the impuls (axis, Impulse and so on) to the Server; with a Event that calls on Server. And from this you have to send the values back to the Clients. You can try using an Event with Multicast on it.

Thanks for your help. Basically, I’m failing at replicating an interactive physics door. It is based on an asset in the marketplace, seen here. In a single player environment, the functionality works perfectly. Same for a Host Player in multiplayer. It performs as expected and is replicated to the client players. The issue come where a client player attempts to interact with the door. The functionality attempts to run locally but spazzes out and resets position- I’m assuming it is being overridden by the server. Again, the axis input from the mouse drives the variable that becomes the impulse in the Door BP. I suspect that may be part of the problem- replicating the axis input variable from the client to the server.