Replicating NamePlate problem with SteamAvatar as SlateBrush

After a LOT of hours making Advanced Social System run fine on my project, I wanted to change the initial database it uses and equal the values of Name Player, Steam ID and Steam Avatar with the new ones inside PlayerState. I take all values using Advanced Sessions from Steam and I get SteamID32 using my own custom c++ class I found over the internet.

For now what I get is PlayerName and SteamID replicates fine, I made an scoreboard and I can see both values are different from each player. The problem I get is with SteamAvatar (SlateBrush): I thought replication to PlayerState is fine as name and ID works but I get as server just white squares from clients but my avatar is shown. As client, I get white squares from others and even the avatar i own fails and returns white.

What could be failing?
Can be a problem of time to load the slate brush?
If other values works, should I just make the avatar logic be made in a different way or that means that the entire logic fails and I should change the way to replicate the 3 values?

Thank you.