Replicating Multiple Variables Through Point Damage

I’v been learning UE4 for about two months, using tutorials, and deconstructing “ShooterGame”, as well as “GenericShooter”, as a way of learning. To explain what im trying to do, I want weapons to have two damage variables, which is represented by damage dealt to health, and damage dealt to shield. I want to balance guns so that cirtain ones shred through player shield faster, but remove health at a much slower rate, and vise versa, as a form of a balancing tool in the game. I know I need to used, “apply point damage” as the mean of promoting damage to the player, but that only allows me to use one float variable to the player. So how would I go about Promoting two float variables to the player though the use of “apply point damage”. I’m sure its a very simple answer, but it’ s just not clicking for me. Any help, or a point in a direction would be greatly appreciated, Thank You!!!

Probably interface may be good for this. Or you just can create custom event and put here your variables…
For example create custom event “Shot”
Make 3 float inputs: damage, armor damage, health damage.
Then in your character bp just subtract:
Armor - (damage * armor damage)
Health - (damage * health damage)

Then little more advanced script may be like:
Armor > 0? -> apply half damage to health… etc…
Feel free to ask if you have more questions.