Replicating MiniGun barrel rotation in multiplayer

Hi Guys, I’m gonna need some help.

The problem is with replicating SkeletalMesh components of an actor which is attached to my character.

I have a weapon pick-up system in my simple multiplayer shooter that works, it is done through an overlap event>spawn actor from class>Attach actor to actor, this is all replicated.;base64

After the Pick-Up has succesfully happenend, InputAxis is used to cast to my MiniGun BP, this is done as follows.

The CastToMiniGun function looks like this:


And lastly, the MiniGun Actor BP looks like this (temporarily, I need to clean this BP up once i understand how to fix this issue)

In the last picture you can see the PullTrigger, ReleaseTrigger and Fire events, I think the problem is here.
I have tried to run these events on server only, and then use a second event that multicasts.
Also I have tried setting replication on and off on the weapon actor root and its constituent components.
Ignore the BarrelFlash for now, I need an emitter for that.

All I have accomplished is Server-Client replication, but that is easy, can anybody help me with this, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Note: I understand blueprinting a multiplayer game is limited, I am still learning the engine and what I can, and cannot do with BP.
When I have a complete product, I might learn C++ or pay somebody to do some work for me, as off now, I seek BP solutions only.