Replicating Cursor-Driven Character Rotation

I’ve got a top-down shooter project I’m working on and I’m currently trying to figure out how I should replicate my character’s rotation, I’ve been trying to research it a bit but I haven’t really found anything that was of help.

The issue is that whenever I add another client, I end up controlling all characters with whatever window currently has focus. And the other clients aren’t updated. I’ve got some basic knowledge as far as client and server communication goes, but when it comes to actually adding such logic within UE4 BVS, I am completely lost.

My guess is that I need a rotator variable inside my character where I store the rotation. Not to mention, the rotation is done on every tick, and I doubt I want it to update that frequently - so how would I go about to interpolating it to save bandwidth?

Is this your problem?

Because I fixed it, as you can see at the bottom of this GitHub.