Replicating Colour over network

hey guys so wanting to show the correct colours on the mesh depending on which team you select however it wont work any ideas? Im using a function to set the colour which is then called in the characters event graph. Any insight would be asweome! thanks

So, you want all players to see which color is your character based on team?

When character possessed, you should call multicast event “update color”, which would get character owner team id and apply changes.

I’ve been trying something like that, when the character spawned in i have made a delay for like .5 sec to get the team info and then apply the following colour. still wont wont il have no hair left at this point heh

If you did it, it would work, but you didn’t so it doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Show something, we can do it forever in this way.

Your point is valid :stuck_out_tongue: i got it almost there :stuck_out_tongue: as you can see the server cant see the clients colour /facepalm

I assume, on this screenshot is the character, and you changing colors for it, so why you GetPlayerPawn(0)->GetStuff instead of get it from actor components? Just drag and drop mesh to graph, or type Get Mesh.

PlayerController(0) is player local with index 0, basically first one connected, PlayerPawn(0) is the same thing and i guess, at this point, you understand why client one does not getting updated.

Yeah i changed that alright, but server still can’t see clients colour. I’ll just keep hacking away at it

Print out colors as text and watch the values for each character on each instance, mb there are some problems, its really should work.

Yup the prints strings are coming out correct on both client and server, just the clients material wont show on server. Really odd has me stumped

Its not client material show up on server, its character which controlled by client doesn’t get updated on server instance, which is weird.

Try one more thing, make multicast reliable.

already tried that haha im just gonna move on for now anyways il come back to it

If you can share the code, i could check it, but in guess game, i’m run out of suggestions.