Replicating client input from BP

Hey! i Have a blueprint where a player holds Down E and repairs a hold in the wall, Now if the server repairs it, it replicates fine.
However if the client repairs it, it doesnt Lower the “broken Walls” count for either. i’ve watched videos and tried everything i can think of for around 7 hours now and im at a loss. i need a way for the client to be able to update variables Please help!

you should look at this example :

The client uses a “run on server” function to send datas to the server.

Hey Zenneon,

Replication can take a while to get used to; certainly more than 7 hours. Keep at it and you’ll get used to it.

(Tested this while running a dedicated server. If you run Client->Host, there are more steps as that behaves a bit differently and is slightly more complicated)

For now, here is an example of repairing a wall in a multiplayer environment: