Replicating Animations

Hey, so I’m trying to get animations to replicate for my character. The problem is other players do the animations as well, but only on my client, and the other clients don’t see me doing the animation.

This is what happens.

Blueprint section

You can see in the second screenshot you sent, that the Set Crouched function will only run if you are running it from the Server. Since you only run it if the authority is Remote, this will never be replicated to all. I’m not exactly a network guru and still learning a lot myself, but I believe you’d simply want to run a Server event, that would set your variable to true. Then this would be passed down to all clients since it is replicated, and then your anim BP’s would be consistent across server and all clients.

Input action crouch > Call server event Server event > has authority true? > Set crouched to true

let me know how that goes

I changed it a little bit and my animation bp too, fixed it