Replicating animations over network

Trying to set up animations that are replicated over the network, I have the source build of 4.27 and it opens up a dedicated server in the background when starting a standalone game. I created a boolean that is replicated Boolean Replication 1 that is how I set up the custom events to call the boolean true or false, client start/stop, and server start/stop are all set to run on server and reliable. Animation Blueprint transition There is how my animation transition from idle, to my rifle animation. It as well is set to replicated, lastly, I have Animation Blueprint event graph where I have a cast to my character and getting the boolean from the character that is replicated, and promoting that to a variable, and the variable I am promoting is used in the transition to Idle to Rifle animation.

When I start the game, the dedicated server opens, scenes open as normal, when I go to pick up the Item, the animation triggers on the client that picks up the item, and the animation is playing on both Client 1, and animation is visible on Client 1 looking at Client 2, Client 2 does is still in an idle state, and Client 1 is not in a Rifle state.

If that is hard to understand here is a screenshot of what I’m referring to. Client 1 to 2

The player that picks up an item, animation triggers for all players on client 1s screen, Client 2 the player that didn’t pick up the item is not in a rifle state which I do not want anyway but on Client 2s screen Client 1 is not in a rifle state. How do I fix sorry if I’ve made this harder than it should have? I’m still kinda new at all of this network replication, and any information on how to get this working would be much-appreciated thanks - node

Correction to my post above. I am not playing in Standalone game mode launching the game, I am playing as client not standalone game sorry for the error.

Relying on events from the server to control a client side animations is not the correct way to go about it.

Also, from the looks of it, you are using regular server to client RPC’s when you should be using a multicast RPC.