Replicating an Angle Client to Server, Avoiding Doing so on Event Tick

I’ve been going back and cleaning up a lot of our game’s network traffic, and I’m not quite sure how to get rid of a few of the remaining worst offenders. Event tick UDP packet spam.

The character pawn has a banking angle, such that it leans left or leans right as the player is turning. I need this angle to be known to the server and all other clients solely for the purpose of animation (it drives a blendspace axis). It’s based off a combination of movement, actor rotation, and control rotation, and I’d prefer to keep its computation clientside if possible.

Currently, I have it set up such that, every frame, the game sends a UDP packet (unreliable event) to the server, which then sets a value for replication by UE4. My question is, is there any better way to do this? I don’t like having to send so many packets just for this. Is there any built in UE4 functionality I’m not aware of through the character movement component or other methods?