Replicating an action over the network

Hello! I’ve been messing with this for a while. I can’t anymore. I tried every posibility of RPC, and it doesn’t work. Let me explain you guys: I have some windows in my game that the players can vault. Oh well, everytime a CLIENT tries to vault one, the RPC fails. My game is P2P, and everything executes just fine on the server side (as always…). Basically I calling an event on the Server from the client, that replicates it to everyone, and calls back the client. Here is the code:

What happens is that the client remains stuck in place. (because of the canMove variable that remains false) and it doesn’t vault the window. So it is stuck on the client side of the things.
(this version of the code is very different, so it might be actually worse that the original I had)

Thank you so much for the help!