Replicating Actors

I watched the tutorial and I understand how “variable”, “multicast events”, and “client to server” replication works. What I don’t get is the actor/character replication.

If I get the default first person shooter and tick replicates and then play for 2 clients, both the server and the client sees each other move around… But, from my understanding, only the server should move and the client should not, from the server perspective, because the client should not replicate its input/position/actor to the server. How come “client to server” request does not need to be called for the movement on the client? Instead, the position/movement of the client gets replicated to the server?

Character movement component and character blueprint have built in networking. This helps a lot for any game that uses skeletal meshes.
However (I am guessing now) this is also reason that having more than 20-30 bots |(enemies) replicated lags everything a lot.
This is one of cases which show unreal is primary designed for FPS or TPS multiplayer.

Cool! thanks. Well, it sounds like if you want to have more precise control over what gets replicated, or to fix the lag problem, you can just gotta untick replicate and then do the networking manually using either blueprint or C++.