Replicating a shared "smash brothersesque" Camera Updates its location very slow

Hello Dear Friends,

I could use some help if anyone has any insight into this issue.

Basically every frame I am getting the position of all the pawns on the map and then using the Get Vector Array Average helper function, then setting the camera actor’s location every frame.

This all appears to be working, with one major hangup, the camera updates it position very slowly and it also appears to be some sort of network update issue where the more the actors are moving the faster it updates… This is actually kind of a desired reaction but overall it’s too slow, and when something causes one pawn to move over a greater distance the camera takes quite a bit of time to recenter.

I tried being ridiculous and cranking the net update frequency… which did speed up the response a tiny bit.

If anyone has any insight on this issue or can help point me towards an answer or better solution for handling a shared online MP camera that would be extremely helpful!